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Lake Jackson Partnership Dispute Lawyers

GILBERT & FUREY represents individuals in the dissolution of both general and limited professional partnerships. We resolve disputes in court, when necessary, but more often use the negotiation or mediation processes to arrive at a resolution all sides can live with.

We represent:

  • Active (working) partners
  • Sleeping (dormant) partners
  • Secret partners
  • Limited partners
  • Partners in profit only

We work with dissolutions of every kind: those that are dissolved by the demand of one partner, by mutual consent, by the death or retirement of one partner, by bankruptcy or by court order. We assist with buyouts, payouts and sale of the business.

An important element of our representation is the desire, when possible, to maintain profitability. Too often the business is sacrificed along with the business relationship, causing people to lose their livelihoods. We work to avoid this when circumstances permit, and to obtain reassurance that life can go on even after the partnership ends.

Negotiated breakups are usually preferable to those decided in court. Judicial remedies don’t always understand the unique nature of your business, so they can cause as many problems as they solve. And court litigations often prove exhausting.

In addition to resolving partnership disputes, our firm can advise you on the formation of a partnership. We can show you the advantages of different formations, and draft a partnership agreement that explains the rights and responsibilities of all sides — so that the acrimony that attends many dissolutions can be avoided altogether.

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Verdicts & Settlements

$1,400,000.00 settlement won on behalf of motor accident victims.

$1,600,000.00 settlement won for wrongful death case.

$950,000.00 settlement won for motorcycle accident victim.

$4,037,500.00 settlement won for grieving family that lost their father.


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